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Financial Processes



Frequently, I'm the first financial planner my clients engage with. Recognizing that enlisting a planner constitutes a significant investment and that uncertainty can arise, I aim to offer a well-defined representation of the impending partnership before any financial commitment is made.

1 / Schedule Introduction Call

During our 30-minute introductory conversation, we will delve into your financial planning requirements. This is a chance for me to gain insights into your situation and the assistance you're seeking. I'll also outline my client approach, aiming to determine if our collaboration would be a mutually beneficial match.

2 / Thorough Assessment Questionnaire

If the Introductory Call proves successful, the subsequent phase involves prospective clients furnishing comprehensive data via a questionnaire, affording a high level view of their current financial standing. The data questionnaire will encompass a broad spectrum, delving into your present financial landscape, which will serve as the foundation for our evaluation process.

3 / Evaluation

Upon receipt of the Thorough Assessment questionnaire, I analyze the data to formulate a tailored financial planning strategy to be implemented for the potential client. Through scrutinizing your present circumstances, I identify areas warranting enhancement, and subsequently curate a comprehensive plan of action.

4 / Present Results

Following my evaluation of your present financial status in alignment with your desired goals, I present my findings to provide you with a clear depiction of the prospective collaboration. My aim is to offer you an unambiguous portrayal of the experience of working together before any financial commitments are made on your part.

5/ Process The Information

Upon presenting the results of my evaluation, highlighting the alignment between your existing financial standing and your goals, and offering a vivid insight into our potential collaboration, I encourage you to dedicate time for reflection and discussion. I invite you to contemplate the value in the information presented and consider whether you envision a successful partnership if we were to proceed together.

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