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Couple Meeting With Financial Planner


Navigating your money situation can be tricky. There are big choices you'll need to make that can impact your wallet now and in the future. Life also throws challenges at you. Planning your finances isn't a one-time thing, but a journey that changes as your life does. It helps you make smart choices today and tomorrow, no matter where you are on your path.


Our fees depend on how complex things are and how much time we spend working with you. You can see an estimate of what we charge each month in the chart we give you. We don't base it on how much money you have. Instead, we charge a fixed amount every year, split into monthly payments. You're in control – if you want, you can stop anytime. We know trust is something that's earned, not given. By being clear about how much we charge, we aim to build that trust and give you value right away.

Ongoing Financial Planning

Our standard financial planning framework entails continuous engagement. This comprehensive approach encompasses a spectrum of personal finance domains, including:

  • Goal Setting

  • Spending Plan

  • Cash Flow analysis

  • Debt Reduction Strategies

  • "Work-optional" Planning 

  • Employee Benefits Evaluation

  • Strategic Tax Planning

  • Student Loan Debt Analysis

  • Behavioral Finance (Your Relationship WIth Money and Why)

  • Financial Literacy

  • College Planning & Analysis

  • Home Buying Consultation

  • Combining Finances With a              Partner/Spouse

  • Portfolio/Investment Analysis                       & Management

  • Insurance Needs Analysis                               (Life, Disability,Health, etc.)

  • Real Estate Analysis                                        (Mortgage, Rental Property, etc.)

  • Other Equity Compensation                           (Restricted Stock Units, Restricted Stock,  ESPP), Vesting Strategies and Tax Planning




*Please note that the provided prices serve as starting points and are subject to potential adjustments based on the complexity of your individual situation.

A La Carte Planning

Employee Benefits Analysis

This service centers on the comprehensive review and optimal utilization of your employee benefits package. We dive into the intricacies of your benefits, ensuring you gain the maximum advantage from each offering. With personalized guidance and strategic insights, you'll unlock the full potential of your benefits, enhancing your financial well-being and peace of mind. Package Includes: - One hour review meeting


Student Loan Excellence

This service is dedicated to providing insightful student loan analysis and strategic repayment guidance. With a focus on your unique financial situation, we offer comprehensive assessments of your student loan portfolio and tailor-made strategies to effectively manage and repay your loans. Package Includes: - One hour review meeting


Debt-Free Pathway

Centered on debt reduction, this service delivers personalized strategies and expert guidance, empowering individuals to effectively confront and alleviate their debt challenges. Through individually tailored recommendations that align with clients' unique financial circumstances, this service not only aids in debt management but also facilitates substantial reduction of debt burdens over time. Package Includes: - 30 min intro call - One hour review meeting - Access to RightCapital budgeting tool - Optional 30 min follow up meeting


Insurance Analysis & Recommendations

This planning service centers on meticulous analysis and expert recommendations for life insurance and disability insurance. By assessing individual needs and goals, this service provides tailored insights, ensuring comprehensive coverage that safeguards financial well-being and offers peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Package Includes: - One hour review meeting - Resources to implement recommendations


Customized Legacy Planning

This service is dedicated to expertly guiding you through the intricacies of proper estate planning. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that your assets are structured and managed according to your wishes, ensuring a seamless transition for your loved ones. Through personalized strategies and comprehensive insights, you'll achieve peace of mind knowing that your legacy is secure and well-preserved. Package Includes: - 30 min intro call - One hour review meeting - Optional 30 min follow up meeting - Resources to implement recommendations


Tailored Investment Analysis

This service is designed to meticulously review and analyze your investment portfolio. We will provide a comprehensive assessment, evaluating the performance, risk exposure, and alignment with your financial goals. With tailored insights and actionable recommendations, you can confidently navigate your investment journey towards greater financial success. Package Includes: - 30 min intro call - One hour review meeting - Optional 30 min follow up meeting - Resources to implement recommendations


Budget Mastery Blueprint

This service is meticulously designed to enhance budgeting skills and foster heightened awareness of expenditures. This specialized service is geared towards cultivating healthier financial habits, empowering individuals to proactively steer their spending patterns towards their desired goals. Package Includes: - 30 min intro call - One hour review meeting - Optional 30 min follow up meeting - Access to RightCapital budgeting tool


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